FLIR Firmware & Software Downloads

NVR Firmware

ModelFirmware VersionDownload fw
DNZ30TL2R 2.420. 03.3.R , Build: 2016-09-21
Note: this firmware should only be used with United VMS or FLIR Recorders
N133BBP 2.420.FL00.0.R, build : 2014-10-15 12MB
N133BDP 2.212.FL00.0.R, build : 2014-08-28 6MB
N133EBP 2.420.FL00.0.R, build : 2014-10-15 12MB
N133EDP 2.212.FL00.0.R, build : 2014-08-28 6MB
N336ZD1 2.210.GM00.0.R, build : 2014-08-29 25MB
N233ZC 2.420.FL00.2.R, build : 2015-09-21 27MB
N233ZD 2.420.FL00.2.R, build : 2015-09-21 27MB

IP Camera Firmware

ModelFirmware VersionDownload fw
DNB23TF2 V2.400.FL00.4.R Download
DNE12TL2 V2.212.GM00.1.R Download
DNV16M2 / DNB13TF2 V2.211.GM00.1.R Download
DNZ30TL2R (Camera Module) V2.420.FL08.8.R Download
DNZ30TL2R (Lens Module) V2.09.65.R Download
N133ED V2.212.FL00.1.R Download
N133BD V2.212.FL00.1.R Download
N233ZC / N233ZD / N233BE / N233EE / N233VE V2.420.FL00.3.R Download
N237BE V2.420.FL00.3.R Download
N237VE V2.420.FL00.3.R Download
N243BW2 / N243EW2 / N243EW4 / N243BW4 V2.400.FL00.12.R Download
N243MW2 V2.400.FL00.12.R Download
N243VW4 V2.400.FL00.15.R Download
N247B3 / N247V3 V2.400.FL00.12.R Download
N253V8 / N253B8 V2.400.FL00.17.R Download
N336ZD1 V2.210.GM01.0.R Download
N336ZD3 V2.400.FL02.0.R Download
N347BW4 / N347VW4 V2.400.FL00.12.R Download
N437BDL / N437BEW / N437VEW / N437VDL V2.400.FL00.3.R Download
PB133E V2.420.FL00.11.R Download
PE133E V2.420.FL00.11.R Download
PE133F / PB133F V2.400.FL00.6.R Download
P143B4 / P143E4 V2.460.FL01.9.R Download

DVR Firmware

ModelFirmware VersionDownload fw
M3104 V.20170923_00019 Download
M3104ES V.20150615_00023 Download
M3104EX V.20161102_00018 Download
M3104ESP V.20150723_00003 Download
M3108 V.20170923_00019 Download
M3108ES V.20150615_00023 Download
M3108EX V.20161104_00018 Download
M3108ESP V.20150722_00003 Download
M3116ES V.20150615_00023 Download
M3116ESP V.20150902_00003 Download
M3116EX V.20161105_00018 Download
M3204 V.20170520_00020 Download
M3204P V.20170623_00006 Download
M3208 V.20170520_00020 Download
M3208P V.20170623_00006 Download
M3216 V.20170520_000020 Download
M3216P V.20170622_00006 Download
M4108EX V.20161105_00018 Download
M4116EX V.20161129_00018 Download
M4204 V.20170520_00020 Download
M4204P V.20170623_00006 Download
M4208 V.20170520_000020 Download
M4208P V.20170622_00006 Download
M4216EX V.20161129_00018 Download
M4416 V.20160725_00022 Download
M4416P V.20150831_00007 Download