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Digi Summit Mobile Apps

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The Digi Summit app provides hassle-free remote access from your iPhone / iPad or Android device to FLIR D3000 Series DVRs. View multiple live camera streams or recorded video instantly. Video recordings on your DVR are organized by date, making it easy to view and manage your surveillance videos at a glance. The intuitive user interface allows you to use various features while viewing your cameras. Take snapshots of live or recorded video to share with friends and colleagues. You can also record and save sections of video from a live stream or playback directly to your mobile device. The Digi Summit app is now available from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store. Digi Summit HD is the iPad-optimized version.
  • Free download for iPhone and Android devices
  • Mobile remote viewing for D3000 Series DVRs
  • Up to 16-channel live viewing
  • Search and playback recorded video saved on your DVR hard drive
  • Save snapshots and video from playback or live viewing directly to your device
  • Control PTZ cameras from your phone or tablet
  • Digi Summit HD app available for iPad, optimized or larger screen viewing