CMS-D3 Central Management Software

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CMS-D3 central management software allows you to view and manage multiple FLIR D3000 Series DVRs with ease. View live or recorded video from several cameras or DVRs instantly. This intuitive management platform allows users to easily add and configure several DVRs on a single computer. The software scans your network automatically for locally-connected D3000 Series DVRs, enabling users to locate and setup their DVRs effortlessly. The software also allows you to connect to DVRs registered for DDNS service from anywhere in the world. Configure different user accounts and passwords to enable varying levels of access to the security network. Other advanced features include digital zoom, PTZ controls, event logs, manual recording of video clips, and screen captures.
  • Centralized live viewing & recording from multiple D3000 Series DVRs
  • PC / Mac versions available for free download
  • No recurring fees
  • Programmable alerts and notifications
  • Digital zoom
  • PTZ camera controls
  • Screen capture of live or recorded video
  • Configurable user accounts
  • Customizable alarms
  • Multi-monitor support